How to Play a Solo Game in Blooket

How to Play a Solo Game in Blooket

Do you want to play Blooket game by yourself? Wait not. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to play Blooket Game by yourself. Discover how to Start a solo game in Blooket and how to play Blooket Game without a host. Yes, you can play Blooket without a teacher. 

In this post, I’ll guide you through the process of playing Blooket Game solo and explore how to play Blocket by yourself. Read this basic simple article for playing Blooket solo with unlocks.

To play Blooket Game by yourself is quite simple. You only need to follow the four steps:

  1. Question Set
  2. Select one
  3. Choose a game mode
  4. Start the game
How to Play a Solo Game in Blooket

1. Click on the set you wish to engage with to access its dedicated page.

Step 1 for How to Play a Solo Game in Blooket

Once you’ve identified a set that matches your interest, simply click on it to access the dedicated set page. This action opens up a gateway to the content within the set, providing you with the opportunity to delve into the specifics and engage with the material of your choice.

For a swift start, dive into a Featured, Verified, or Popular set!

verified Categories of Blooket

2. Select “Solo”

How to Play a Solo Game in Blooket
Step 2: Select SOLO Game
  • Go to “My Sets.”
  • Hover over the gear icon for the set you want to play solo.
  • Choose “Solo.”

Note: Feel free to engage in a solo game using one of your own sets!

3. Select a Game Mode

Presently, there are seven solo-playable game modes:

  •  Tower Defense 2
  • Monster Brawl
  • Tower Defense
  • Cafe
  • Factory
  • Crazy Kingdom
  • Tower of Doom
Blooket Game Mode

4. Choose “New Game” to initiate playing.

Blooket New Game

Note: Games such as Tower of Doom, Cafe, and Tower Defense (1 & 2) permit you to resume incomplete games by loading them.

Here’s a tutorial to learn How to Play a Solo Game in Blooket.


In summary, playing a solo game involves navigating to “My Sets,” selecting the desired set, and opting for the “Solo” mode. From there, explore various game modes like Tower of Doom, Cafe, and Tower Defense (1 & 2), and consider loading past games if you have unfinished ones. Lastly, kickstart the solo gaming experience by selecting “New Game” to begin your adventure. Enjoy the journey!

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