How to create a blooket question set

How to Create a Blooket Question Set: A Comprehensive Guide

 Blooket has become a popular platform for educators and creators to engage learners in interactive quizzes and games. One of the key features that make Blooket versatile is the ability to create customized Question Sets. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of how to create a Blooket Question Set, ensuring a seamless and tailored experience for your audience.

How to Create a Blooket Question Set

Follow these steps to create a Blooket questions set.

Step 1: Accessing the Create Page

To initiate the process, start by navigating to the Create Page. Locate and click on the “Create” button, which serves as the gateway to crafting your personalized Blooket Question Set.

How to Create question in Blooket
Create question In Blooket

Step 2: Title and Description

Once on the Create Page, add a title that succinctly describes your Question Set. Include relevant details such as grade level and topic to enhance clarity. Additionally, provide a brief yet informative description that sets the context for your set.

title and brief description
Title and a brief Description

Step 3: Cover Image (Optional)

Enhance the visual appeal and identification of your Question Set by adding a Cover Image. This step is optional but can significantly contribute to making your set stand out.

Cover image
Cover image

Step 4: Set Visibility

Decide whether you want your Question Set to be Public or Private. Public sets can be discovered by others, allowing for easy sharing with teachers, parents, and users. On the other hand, Private sets are visible only to you but can still be used for hosting live games. Note that these settings can be adjusted even after the set has been created.

Public and Private mode
Public and Private mode

Step 5: Creating the Set

Click on the “Create” button to bring your Question Set to life. This action marks the initiation of the set creation process.

Set Creation
Set Creation

Step 6: Adding Questions

Now, it’s time to populate your Question Set with engaging content. Click on “Add Question” to insert a new question. You can continue this process for as many questions as needed to complete your set.

Add question
Add question

Step 7: Question Details

For each question, input the question itself and provide corresponding answer options. Be sure to designate the correct answers, and for True/False questions, use ‘True’ and ‘False’ accordingly. The option to add a Cover Image for each question enhances the visual experience.

Add question information
Add question information

Step 8: Saving and Completing

After crafting each question, click on “Save” in the top right corner of the question box. Repeat these steps until your Question Set is complete.

Save question
Save Question

Here’s a video tutorial for how to create a Blooket question.


Creating a Blooket Question Set is a straightforward yet powerful way to tailor educational content for your audience. Whether you are an educator looking to engage students or a content creator seeking interactive quizzes, Blooket’s customizable features make the process seamless and enjoyable. Follow this comprehensive guide to unlock the full potential of Blooket in delivering engaging and personalized learning experiences.

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